ABS Warning Light Dimly Lit – 2001-2002 Nissan Frontier & Xterra

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Classification: Reference: Date:
BR02-003 NTB02-080 July 24, 2002




APPLIED VEHICLES: 2001-02 Frontier (D22) – KA24DE engine, 2WD ONLY
2001-02 Xterra (WD22) – KA24DE engine, 2WD ONLY
APPLIED DATES: Frontier: Vehicles built before 1N6MD27Y42C369200
Xterra: Vehicles built before 5N1MD28Y22C578500
APPLIED VIN: Frontier & Xterra: Vehicles built before May 1, 2002



If an applied vehicle has an Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) warning light (see Figure 1) that is dimly lit when:

  • The engine is not running but the ignition key is in the “ON” position
  • The engine is running,


Perform the Service Procedure on page 2.

ABS Warning light (Dimly Lit)Figure 1


NOTE: The vehicle may have to be in a shaded area to see the dimly lit ABS warning light.



NOTE: Use suitable covers to protect carpet, upholstery, etc. during the following procedure.

  1. Perform the Self Diagnosis procedure in the BR section of the applicable Service Manual to check for stored ABS-related DTC(s).
    1. If an ABS-related DTC(s) is found, perform necessary repairs to correct the DTC incident, then proceed with step 2 below.
    2. If an ABS-related DTC(s) is NOT found, proceed with step 2 below.
  2. Locate the ABS control unit under the drivers seat, as follows:
    1. Remove the four bolts that secure the driver’s seat to the vehicle floor.
    2. Carefully lift up the front of the seat and disconnect the vehicle wire harness from the bottom seat cushion connector.
    3. Carefully remove the seat from the vehicle and place it in a clean, safe location.
    4. Remove four screws and remove the metal cover (covering the ABS control unit).See Figure 1a below.

ABS Control UnitFigure 1a                                                          Figure 1b


  1. Replace the ABS control unit, with the one listed in the Parts Information section, as follows:
    1. Record all radio station pre-sets.
    2. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF
    3. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.
    4. Disconnect the vehicle wire harness from the ABS Control Unit (See Figure 1b).
    5. Remove the old ABS control unit.
    6. Install the new ABS control unit. Make sure the vehicle wire harness connector is fully seated and snapped in place on the control unit connector.
  2. Re-install the metal cover, making sure it does not press against (pinch) the vehicle wire harnesses.
  3. Re-install the driver’s seat, making sure:
  • The vehicle wire harness is re-connected to the bottom seat cushion connector • The four seat mounting bolts are tightened to 43-55 N-m (4.4-5.6 Kg-m, 32-41 ft-lbs).
  1. Re-connect the negative cable to the battery. Tighten the cable clamp nut to 35 in-lbs.
  2. Re-program all radio station pre-sets and re-set the clock (if applicable).
  3. Make sure the ABS warning light illuminates with the ignition key in the “ON” position (engine OFF). Then, test drive the vehicle to make sure the ABS warning light stays “OFF”.



Module Assembly, Antiskid 47850-8Z400 1



Submit a Primary Failed Part (PP) line claim using the following claims coding:

RPL ABS Module Assy 47850-8Z400 PN26AA ZE 32 (1)


  1. Reference the current Nissan Flat Rate Manual and use the indicated FRT.


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