Voluntary Recall Campaign 2019 Nissan Frontier; AV Control Unit (Infotainment) Software Update


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EL19-041d NTB19-090d December 5, 2019





This bulletin has been amended. See AMENDMENT HISTORY on the last page.  Please discard previous versions of this bulletin.


NHTSA #: 19V-654
APPLIED VEHICLES: 2019 Frontier (D40)


Check Service COMM or Dealer Business Systems (DBS)  National Service History to confirm campaign eligibility.



Nissan is conducting this voluntary recall campaign on certain specific model year  2019 Frontier vehicles to update the software of the AV control unit. This service will  be performed at no charge to the customer for parts or labor.



Nissan has assigned identification number R1911 to this campaign. This number must appear on all communication and documentation of any nature dealing with this campaign.



It is the dealer’s responsibility to check Service COMM or Dealer Business Systems (DBS) National Service History for the campaign status on each vehicle falling within the range of this voluntary recall which for any reason enters the service department. This includes vehicles purchased from private parties or presented by transient (tourist) owners and vehicles in a dealer’s inventory.  Federal law requires that new vehicles in dealer inventory which are the subject of a recall must be corrected prior to sale.  Failure to do so can result in civil penalties by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  While federal law applies only to new vehicles, Nissan strongly encourages dealers to correct any used vehicles in their inventory before they are retailed.



  • Special tool USB drives have been shipped to each dealer: J-52812-4, J-52812-5 and J-52812-11.


  • Additional USB drives are available from TechMate: nissantechmate.com or 1-800-662-2001.



It is highly recommended that the provided campaign USB drives, J-52812-4, J-52812-5 and/or J-52812-11, be used.



  • If unavailable, the reprogramming software may be downloaded onto special tool USB drive J-52727-1 using the Infotainment Software Download procedure.
    • Special tool USB drive J-52727-1 has also been shipped to each dealer.
    • Click here to access the Infotainment Software Download procedure. After the software has been downloaded, continue to the appropriate procedure in this bulletin.




  1. Confirm which audio system is present in the vehicle (see Figure 1 and Figure 2 below).


  • If the vehicle is equipped with navigation, as shown in Figure 1 below, continue to step 2.


  • If the vehicle is NOT equipped with navigation, as shown in Figure 2 below, skip to step 23 on page 10.


Update AV Control Unit


  1. Connect a battery maintainer or smart charger, and set to reflash mode or a similar setting.


NOTE: This reprogram will take approximately 60 minutes after the Update button has been selected.


  1. Set the parking brake.


  1. Turn the ignition ON (engine OFF).


  1. Turn the hazard warning lights ON to prevent the BCM from going into battery saver mode.


NOTE: If at any time during this procedure, the status message “Update Failed !” is displayed with the direction to “Insert update media” while a countdown from 60 is displayed or the audio unit continuously reboots (restarts), insert special tool USB drive J-52812-11 and proceed to step 15 on page 6. It may take 3-5 minutes for the system to recognize the USB drive.


  1. Write down the audio settings.


  1. Turn the audio system OFF.


  1. Access the SERVICE MENU.


  • Press and hold down the APPS or MENU button, and at the same time rotate the TUNE-SCROLL knob more than three clicks counterclockwise, then more than three clicks clockwise, and continue rotating back and forth until the SERVICE MENU displays.


NOTE: The audio system must be OFF in order to access the SERVICE MENU.


  1. Select Version.


  1. Select Update System Software.


  1. Insert special tool USB drive J-52812-11 into the vehicle’s  USB media port (see Figure 5  and Figure 6).


  • DO NOT remove the USB drive during the software update until instructed.


DO NOT insert the USB drive into a charging port (see Figure 7). Charging ports are marked in the vehicle with a “lightning bolt” symbol. If used, the software update and/or USB drive may become damaged. Only insert the USB drive in a USB media port.


  1. Select OK.


  1. Wait for the APPLICATION screen to display (Figure 9).


  1. Select Update.


HINT: After selecting Update,  the screen will go black for up to  1 minute. This is a normal part of the update.


  1. Wait until the update is complete (this can take up to 60 minutes).
  • The screen in Figure 10 will be displayed during the update.


  • Figure 11 may display before the update begins. DO NOT remove the USB drive during the update.


IMPORTANT: If directed to skip to step 15 due to screen message “Insert update Media”, it may take 3-5 minutes before the USB drive is recognized and for the update to begin.


  1. When Figure 12 is displayed, remove the USB drive to complete the update.


  • This will cause the system to restart and may take up to 1 minute.


NOTE: Do not turn the ignition OFF.


  • If the message “No SD card is inserted. Please use a Nissan SD card only” is displayed (Figure 13), proceed to step 17 on page 8.


  • If the APPLICATION screen is displayed (Figure 14), proceed to step 18 on page 8.


  • If neither screen is displayed, the update is complete. Proceed to step 19 on  page 9.


  1. Remove and reinsert the map SD card from the card slot.


  • After the map SD card is reinserted, the APPLICATION screen will display (Figure 15).


  1. Select Update.


  • The update will take about 1 minute to complete, and the  screen in Figure 16 will display.


  • The message “Download successful. System will reboot now” will display and the audio unit will reboot (Figure 17).


  • After the system reboots, the update is complete.


  1. Turn the hazard warning lights OFF.


  1. Remove special tool USB drive J-52812-11.


  1. Restore the radio presets.


  1. Turn the ignition OFF.


IMPORTANT: Instruct the customer to go into their Bluetooth phone settings and perform the steps below.


  • Delete/erase the car from their phone’s Bluetooth® menu for the current pairing of their phone and vehicle.


  • Then re-pair the phone.


  • If this is not done, the phone may no longer connect with the vehicle.


The repair is complete. Refer to the CLAIMS INFORMATION on the last page.



Update AV Control Unit


HINT: This will require two (2) USB drives.


  1. Turn the hazard warning lamps ON.


  1. Turn the ignition ON.


  1. Turn the audio ON.


  1. Write down the radio settings.


  1. Turn the audio OFF.


  1. Insert special tool USB drive J-52812-4 into the vehicle’s USB media port (see  Figure 18 and Figure 19).


DO NOT insert the USB drive into a charging port (see Figure 20). Charging ports are marked in the vehicle with a “lightning bolt” symbol. If used, the software update and/or USB drive may become damaged. Only insert the USB drive in a USB media port.


  1. Select Yes to begin the reprogramming process.



  • Reprogramming will take about 4-5 minutes.
  • In rare cases it may take up to 20 minutes.
  • Wait until the audio unit reboots and the home screen is displayed before moving to the next step.


IMPORTANT: If the display is blank for 30 seconds after reprogramming completes:


  • Cycle the ignition OFF and then back ON, then
  • Press the audio power button to turn ON the audio, then
  • Continue the procedure.


  1. Remove the USB drive.


  1. Insert special tool USB drive J-52812-5 into the USB media port.


  1. Select Yes to continue the reprogramming process.



  • Reprogramming will take about 4-5 minutes.


  • Wait until the audio unit reboots.


  1. Remove the USB drive from the USB port.


  1. Perform audio unit initialization.


a. Press and hold the Menu button.

b. Press and hold the Audio button.

c. Press the “Seek right” button 3 times.


HINT: A screen similar to the one in Figure 24 will appear.


d. Select Next at the bottom right side of the screen.

e. On the second page of the menu screen, select Factory Cold Start. (Screen not shown)

f. Select YES on the confirmation screen as shown in Figure 25.


NOTE: Initialization is complete after the audio unit reboots.


  1. Turn the hazard warning lights OFF.


  1. Restore the radio presets.



Submit a “CM” line claim using the following claims coding:

R1911 Update AV Control Unit Software (With Navigation) R19111 0.3 hrs
Update AV Control Unit Software (Without Navigation) R19110 0.2 hrs
Reprogram Not Needed R19113 0.2 hrs



October 29, 2019 NTB19-090 Original bulletin published
November 5, 2019 NTB19-090a APPLIED VEHICLES section and step 29 revised
November 19, 2019 NTB19-090b Information on page 3 added, and step 30 revised
November 21, 2019 NTB19-090c CLAIMS INFORMATION revised
December 5, 2019 NTB19-090d Removed all information related to 2018 Frontier


Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-19V654-9042.pdf 679.306KB



Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-19V654-7590.pdf 3122.877KB



Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-19V654-7390.pdf 3122.541KB



Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-19V654-9395.pdf 2802.866KB



Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-19V654-5143.pdf 2801.481KB




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