Clicking Noise from Front Axles During Take-Off/Acceleration – 2003-2007 Nissan Murano

Classification: Reference: Date: FA07-004 NTB07-093 December 11, 2007   CLICKING NOISE FROM FRONT AXLES  DURING TAKE-OFF/ACCELERATION   APPLIED VEHICLES: 2003 – 2007 Murano (Z50)   IF YOU CONFIRM: An applied vehicle has a “clicking” noise coming from the front axles during  take-off/acceleration.   ACTION: Apply Molykote M77 grease (P/N 44003-7S000) to the front wheel drive … Read more

Alternator Noise after Engine Shut Off – 2002-2004 Nissan Altima & Sentra

Classification: Reference: Date: EL04-003 NTB04-016 February 3, 2004   ALTERNATOR NOISE AFTER ENGINE SHUT OFF   APPLIED VEHICLES: 2002-04 Altima (L31) 2002-04 Sentra (B15) APPLIED ENGINE: QR25DE   IF YOU CONFIRM: A low-tone whistling noise comes from the alternator for not more than 10 seconds after the engine is shut off.   ACTION: Please note … Read more

Popping or Clunking Noise from Front Suspension – 2008-2010 Nissan Armada & Titan

Classification: Reference: Date: FA10-001 NTB10-050 March 26, 2010   2008-2010 ARMADA AND TITAN; POPPING OR CLUNKING NOISE FROM FRONT SUSPENSION   APPLIED VEHICLES: 2008-2010 Armada (TA60)   2008-2010 Titan (A60)   IF YOU CONFIRM Using chassis ears, a popping or clunking noise can be heard coming from the front suspension shock assembly of an Applied … Read more

Knocking/Metallic Noise Coming from the Trunk Area – 2007 Nissan Sentra

Classification: Reference: Date: BT07-013 NTB07-065 September 13, 2007     2007 SENTRA; KNOCKING/METALLIC NOISE  COMING FROM TRUNK AREA APPLIED VEHICLES: 2007 Sentra (B16) APPLIED VINS: Vehicles built before: 3N1AB61E(*)7L647021 APPLIED DATE: Vehicles built before: December 13, 2006   IF YOU CONFIRM A knocking/metallic noise is coming from the trunk area/left or right side of the … Read more

“BEARING NOISE” FROM TRANSFER CASE AREA – 1999-2002 Nissan Frontier & 2000-2002 Xterra

Classification: Reference: Date: TF02-001 NTB02-019 February 19, 2002   1999-2002 FRONTIER & 2000-2002 XTERRA “BEARING NOISE” FROM TRANSFER CASE AREA APPLIED VEHICLES: 1999-2002 Frontier (D22) 2000-2002 Xterra (WD22)   SERVICE INFORMATION If an Applied Vehicle exhibits the following symptom: “Bearing noise” (rumbling noise) coming from the bottom of the vehicle when the transfer case is in … Read more