Clicking Noise from Rear Axles – 2007-2009 Infiniti

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RA07-004b ITB08-018b January 13, 2009




This bulletin contains amended Claims Information.   Discard all earlier versions of this bulletin.



2008 – 2009 G37 Coupe (CV36)
2009 FX35/FX50 (S51)
2008 – 2009 EX35 (J50)
2007 – 2009 M35/M45 (Y50)
2007 – 2009 G35 Sedan (V36)



A “clicking” noise is coming from the left and/or right rear axle (driveshaft) when accelerating from a stop. 

NOTE: If any other types of noise are observed or heard under other conditions this bulletin does not apply.  Consult your ASIST service information for any other issue.



Remove both left and right driveshafts, clean the flange surface of the outer joints on the driveshafts and apply a specific amount of Molykote M77 grease.  Refer to the Service Procedure in this bulletin for details.


NOTE: This is the only approved service procedure to repair this incident.


IMPORTANT:  The purpose of “ACTIONS” (above) is to give you a quick idea of the work you will be performing. You MUST closely follow the entire Service Procedure (starting on page 3) as it contains information that is essential to successfully completing this repair.



Molykote M77 Grease 44003-7S000 1.2g-4.0g *
Bolts (Driveshaft Side Flange) 39606-17V0A 12
Cotter Pin 40073-0L700 2
Nut-Lock, Wheel BRG 40262-2Y000 2


* Per axle.  Order in bulk form with this part number from your local Parts Distribution Center (PDC).

NOTE: P/N 44003-7S000 is considered a shop supply – do NOT include it on your warranty claim.



Submit a Primary Failed Part (PP) line claim using the following claims coding:

Repair Rear Driveshaft Noise – Both Sides (1) NH19AA ZL 32 (2)


(1) Reference the FAST Parts Catalog and use either the applicable Left or Right Rear Wheel Drive Shaft P/N as the PFP

(2) Reference the current Infiniti Warranty Flat Rate Manual and use the indicated FRT.



  1. Remove one of the rear axles (driveshafts).
  • Refer to section RAX in the Service Manual for the driveshaft removal information.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to mark the driveshaft and hub as shown in Figure 1 before removing the driveshaft.

Put a mark on the end of the driveshaft and a matching mark on the hub as shown in Figure 1.

NOTE: These marks will be used when reinstalling the driveshaft.

mark on the end of the driveshaft and a matching mark on the hubFigure 1


  1. Collect 1.2 – 4.0g of Molykote M77 grease.
  • This is the amount for one axle.
  • The approximate amount is illustrated in Figure 2.
  • Molykote M77 grease is listed in the Parts Information.

approximate amountFigure 2


  1. Clean the flange surface of the outer joint of the driveshaft.
  1. Apply exactly 2-4.0g of Molykote M77 grease to the entire flat surface of the outer joint on the driveshaft.


IMPORTANT:  The amount of grease used is critical for success of the repair.  Do not use too much or too little.

  • Cover the width shown in “A” below.
  • Cover the entire circumference of that width.
  • Cover it evenly.

Cover the width shown in “A”Figure 3


  1. Re-install the driveshaft in reverse order of removal, making sure to:

a. Install the driveshaft 180° from the position it was removed.

  • Use the marks you made in step 1.

Mark on driveshaft and hubFigure 4


b. Replace the used center locknut with a new one.

c. Tighten the center locknut to 180 – 185 N-m (18.4  – 18.8 kg-m, 133 – 136 ft-lb) with a torque wrench.



  • DO NOT use a power tool (impact wrench) to tighten the center locknut.
  • If the center locknut is tightened more than 185 N-m (18.8 kg-m, 136 ft-lb), the clicking noise could occur.
  • If the center locknut is tightened less than 180 N-m (18.4 kg-m, 133 ft-lb), looseness could occur.
  • If the center locknut is reused, the clicking noise could occur.


d. Install new side flange bolts.

  • Tighten them to 73 Nm (7.5 kg-m, 54 ft-lb).
  • Side flange bolts are listed in the Parts Information.


  1. Perform steps 1-5 on the other driveshaft.
  1. Test drive the vehicle and confirm the clicking noise is gone.



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