Voluntary Safety And Emissions Recall Campaign 2022 Nissan Rogue; Fuel Tank Replacement

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Classification: Reference: Date:
FE22-003 NTB22-031 April 18, 2022




APPLIED VEHICLES: 2022 Rogue (T33)


Check Service COMM or Dealer Business Systems (DBS) National Service History to confirm campaign eligibility.



Nissan is conducting this voluntary safety and emissions recall campaign, on certain specific model year 2022 Rogue vehicles, to replace the fuel tank. This service will be performed at no charge to the customer for parts or labor.



Nissan has assigned identification number PC887 to this campaign. This number must appear on all communication and documentation of any nature dealing with this campaign.



It is the dealer’s responsibility to check Service COMM or Dealer Business Systems (DBS) National Service History for the campaign status on each vehicle falling within the range of this voluntary safety and emissions recall which for any reason enters the service department. This includes vehicles purchased from private parties or presented by transient (tourist) owners and vehicles in a dealer’s inventory. Federal law requires that new vehicles in dealer inventory which are the subject of a safety recall must be corrected prior to sale. Failure to do so can result in civil penalties by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While federal law applies only to new vehicles, Nissan strongly encourages dealers to correct any used vehicles in their inventory before they are retailed.



Attention California Dealers

An Emission Recall Campaign Completion (ERCC) label must be filled out by the technician performing the repair, and then attached to the underside of the vehicle hood. A sample of the label is shown below.


California law prohibits owners from renewing their California registration if emissions related recall work has not been performed. California dealers are now required to issue a proof of correction certificate to vehicle owners upon completion of emissions related recall work. Please fill out one of the campaign completion forms for each owner that has this campaign performed. Instruct owners to keep this certificate unless they are requested to mail it to the DMV. A sample of the form is shown in Figure 2 below.



  • These forms (item number CAEMRC 1-20) and labels (item number NIS-UHL-16) are available from Nissan Publications (1-800-247-5321) at no charge.
  • When either item (form or label) is ordered, you will automatically receive the other item as well.




To avoid the risk of death or severe personal injury when inspecting and replacing fuel line parts, be sure to observe the following:


  • Put a “WARNING: FLAMMABLE” sign in the workshop.


  • Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area and furnish workshop with a CO2 fire extinguisher.


  • Never smoke while servicing the fuel system.


  • Keep open flames, sparks and other ignition sources away from the work area.


  • Never bend or twist tubes when they are being installed.


  • After installing tubes, check that there is no fuel leakage at connections in the following steps.

1) Apply fuel pressure to fuel lines by turning the ignition switch “ON” (with engine stopped). Then check for fuel leakage at connections.
2) Start the engine, increase rpm and check for fuel leakage at connections.


To avoid the risk of minor personal injury or property damage when inspecting and replacing fuel line parts, be sure to observe the following:


  • Perform the operation with vehicle on level


  • Disconnect the quick connector when the tabs are completely



  1. Replace the Fuel Tank


  • Refer to the ESM: ENGINE > FUEL SYSTEM > KR15DDT> REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION > FUEL TANK > Removal and Installation



TANK ASSY – FUEL 17202-6RR0A 1
GASKET – EXHAUST 20692-8H30A 1



Submit a “CM” line claim using the following claims coding:

PC887 Replace Fuel Tank Assembly PC8870 2.0



April 18, 2022 NTB22-031 Original bulletin published


Voluntary Safety and Emissions Recall Campaign PC887 – Fuel Tank Replacement – 2022 Nissan Rogue


Voluntary Safety and Emissions Recall Campaign PC887 – Fuel Tank Replacement – 2022 Nissan Rogue


Remedy Instructions and TSB

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