Alternator Noise after Engine Shut Off – 2002-2004 Nissan Altima & Sentra

Classification: Reference: Date: EL04-003 NTB04-016 February 3, 2004   ALTERNATOR NOISE AFTER ENGINE SHUT OFF   APPLIED VEHICLES: 2002-04 Altima (L31) 2002-04 Sentra (B15) APPLIED ENGINE: QR25DE   IF YOU CONFIRM: A low-tone whistling noise comes from the alternator for not more than 10 seconds after the engine is shut off.   ACTION: Please note … Read more

Popping or Clunking Noise from Front Suspension – 2008-2010 Nissan Armada & Titan

Classification: Reference: Date: FA10-001 NTB10-050 March 26, 2010   2008-2010 ARMADA AND TITAN; POPPING OR CLUNKING NOISE FROM FRONT SUSPENSION   APPLIED VEHICLES: 2008-2010 Armada (TA60)   2008-2010 Titan (A60)   IF YOU CONFIRM Using chassis ears, a popping or clunking noise can be heard coming from the front suspension shock assembly of an Applied … Read more

MIL “ON” WITH DTC P0102 / P1102 STORED – 2002-2003 Nissan Altima & Sentra

Classification: Reference: Date: EC03-012    NTB03-035 April 7, 2003   MIL “ON” WITH DTC P0102 / P1102 STORED   APPLIED VEHICLE: 2002-2003 Altima (L31) 2002-2003 Sentra (B15)     IF YOU CONFIRM: An applied vehicle has DTC P0102 / P1102 stored and possibly exhibits, Engine rough running Slight engine speed variation while driving Low engineRead more

Rear Leaf Spring Squeak – 2004-2006 Nissan Titan

Classification: Reference: Date: RA05-002a NTB06-008a February 8, 2006     2004-2006 TITAN; REAR LEAF SPRING SQUEAK   This bulletin has been amended.  The Parts Information section has been revised.  No other content has been changed.  Discard all previous versions of this bulletin.     APPLIED VEHICLE(S): 2004-2006 Titan (A60) APPLIED VIN(S): Vehicles built before 1N6AA06A(*)6N507692 … Read more

ABS Warning Light Dimly Lit – 2001-2002 Nissan Frontier & Xterra

Classification: Reference: Date: BR02-003 NTB02-080 July 24, 2002   2001-02 FRONTIER/XTERRA ABS WARNING LIGHT DIMLY LIT   APPLIED VEHICLES: 2001-02 Frontier (D22) – KA24DE engine, 2WD ONLY 2001-02 Xterra (WD22) – KA24DE engine, 2WD ONLY APPLIED DATES: Frontier: Vehicles built before 1N6MD27Y42C369200 Xterra: Vehicles built before 5N1MD28Y22C578500 APPLIED VIN: Frontier & Xterra: Vehicles built before … Read more